Ask ScooterDad: Should I add fails into my scooter edit? please explain

Submitter's Name: 
Hunter Roussin
Submitter's Location: 
Sudbury Ontario Canada

Personally, I'm a big fan of being unique and different. Just about every video has a falls section, so it seems really overdone and clicé to me to have a falls section. I would only incorporate falls into a video if the a fall is funny, significant, or if it shows progression toward landing a very difficult trick. For example, when my kid was learning flairs on resi at Woodward, we included several of his falls in fast-forward motion prior to landing the flair in his video. It showed progression and not giving up.

Generally speaking, get inspiration from videos that are not scooter videos. Look at skiing and snowboarding videos, motocross videos, anything other than scooter and skateboard videos for inspiration. The reason for that is everyone copies other scoot and skate videos. You want your videos to stand out, so do something different! :)