Scooter Configurator

Please read the following directions & disclaimer before continuing below.

Welcome to the Scooter Configurator! This tool is intended to provide guidance with the most difficult steps in determining parts compatibility, namely surrounding the headset, bars, fork, and clamp/compression.

You can specify that you don't know what parts you have or want, but the Scooter Configurator can only provide suggestions for one unknown part at a time. If you do not specify more than one part, you'll have to make your own determination as to the compatibility.

ScooterDad's Scooter Configurator is a best-effort to provide you with information necessary for determining scooter parts compatibility. The Scooter Configurator comes with no guarantee of accuracy. You are responsible for verifying the compatibility of your parts when making purchases.

If you find any errors or if you'd like to provide some missing parts options, please contact ScooterDad by email at:

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